Oy! A debate!

Mamas.. what say you about this crossfitting Mama?

If you scroll hard enough you will see that someone was already snarky and mean at the comment I wrote.. sigh. I simply feel like, if the doctor ok's the activity, if you were currently doing it already, then it's fine.. she knows her limits as I knew mine.. I get very tired of a double standard of active expecting Moms getting frowned upon when no one says anything about expecting Moms who don't move much.. why is there a double standard?


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      Oh honey, double standards? Don't even get me started! I am the queen of hating double standards (just ask my dad lol.) If you know your limits and your doc gives you the go ahead, don't listen to what anyone else says!!! I hardly moved my whole pregnancy and my aunt pretty much moved until she had all her babies. What do you say? "To each their own" ;)
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