LONG Saturday Mornings...

I love a lazy morning... BUT.. My clock and my kids clock, we are all stlll up at 6:30 ... and when we don't have to leave an hour later.. it can make for a very long day...

Like I have already gotten snacks, juice, helped with a craft, had two cups of coffee, did the dishes, brushed hair, played Uno, mediated TV shows and it's 7:43 ... AM...

How do you break up a long day and morning with your kids??​

    Sometimes we go walk around walmart just for fun....its only about a mile from my house.
    OMG,... I've totally done that.. When we have nothing to do.. or any place to really be.. and I need to get out.. for free.. More so when they were younger... Like 1 and 3.. we would spend an hour plus just cruising the toy aisles.. letting them play with everything ... it was like a play land... at that age.. My kids still love to look at everything.. We always make a walk through their aisles at the end of the shopping trip.. but they're older now (6 and 9) and I'm able to remind them that we are not buying anything... But they still love to look.. and i'd be lying to say if I didn't like that it kills an hour of a long day :)
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