How to prevent nightmares in infants?

Oh how sad! I'm not sure you can really prevent nightmares though. :( I think if you give our baby lots of loving and make sure they're nice a soothed and calm around bed time, that's the best you can do. I know Lucas kind of whimpers or cries sometimes in his sleep, but I can't do anything. I wouldn't wake him, because then he would just be angry and awake! I just let him wake on his own, even if he has a bad dream. I wish there was some magic blanket you could lay over a sleeping baby for guaranteed good dreams!!!

What do you think, mamas? Is there something that can be done?

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    Dulcinea Hubbard
    My kids all of them use to have nightmares, while they were asleep and notice they might have a night mare I would normally hold their hand and squeeze it a little bit just enough to help them come out their nightmare. I also gave them B1 which also help with their nightmares.
      4Maren West
      I think it's important to be there to comfort and hold them when they have a nightmare. Before my kids go to sleep I hold and snuggle with them, and also sing them a song, then kiss them on the forehead.
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