Like Mother, Like Daughter...

I'm a little afraid that I've started to see some of myself come out in my daughter today.

For a bit of today's back-story, Nina has decided that today is the day she starts walking almost everywhere, which is awesome! Before, she'd take some toddling steps for maybe 2-4 steps and then resort to her faster crawling. Then, for the past few days, she's been walking laps around the coffee table by "Cruising" (walking while holding onto this case, the coffee table) over and over and over and over and it was awesome, this morning, when she stood up and full-on walked to me and so I made sure to show how excited I was, which made her happy, so I hope she gets the message of how good it is that she did it all on her own, unsupported.

A little bit after noon, we were playing "chase", where we're both just crawling around growling at each other and chasing each other around the rooms, hiding around corners and trying to surprise each other and so on, when she stood up after a particularly loud laugh and squeak (I had pounced from around the hallway corner with a loud "Boo!!" and she was definitely not expecting the pounce part so she laughed hysterically and spazzed for a moment) and then stood up, walked a few steps, and then tried to run.

Here is where I saw myself in her. not graceful. I never have been. Balance? Yeah, I can walk balance beams, but overall I have a distinct lack of grace that has been the cause of much embarrassment and many scars over the years...

As she took these first few fast steps, I was like, "holy poo, is she about to run?!"

The answer is "No". She is not about to run. She is about to take three quick steps, one running step, and then trip over her own feet and go tumbling to the carpet.

I was there with a quick mommy scoop up and hug to make sure she was ok (she was, she didn't even seem phased by it), and then after a few calm-down moments, she started to play again.

I hope she doesn't inherit my full graceless-ness!

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