Crazy Thought of the Day

I bet you've had at least one!

Mine? I was sitting here going pet crazy...again...and I was talking to several people on facebook about potentially convincing my husband to let me get a cat BEFORE he returns from his ship instead of after, when I shared the same thought to all three of them:

"I want a kitten, and I'll get it one or two of those big awesome cat tree things, and then I can name the kitten "Dragon", and then the cat can hide his/her toys in there, and the cat trees can be its castle where it hoards its treasures."

The responses?

C: "....crazy caaaaaat lady."
Me: "That's only if I was old and alone!"
C: "crazy CAAAAAAAT lady..."

E: "What did I tell you about showing your crazy, Morgan?"
Me: "....don't do it in front of the baby?"
E: "That's right. Don't do it in front of strangers, either. You're lucky I understand and accept it."

M: "That's not crazy. What part of that was crazy?"
Me: "That part where I name the cat Dragon and give it a castle and treasure."
M: "If I could have a cat, I'd probably do that!"

What was your crazy thought of the day?

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