Growth spurt!?

my 19 month hold who is already a giant for her age just grew 2 inches in half a month!, she is also eating us out of house and joke this grown spurt lol! Breakfast was granola cereal, a blue berry mini muffin, strawberries, and a cup of coconut milk yogurt, and a cup of almond milk! Snack a bowl of oatmeal with diced strawberries on top, and grapes, lunch a pb and j on wheat, veggie straws, apple slices, and 2 vanilla wafer cookies, and a cup of apple juice, then another snack of 2 rice cakes, and a squeeze pouch of apple sauce, then dinner a bowl of spaghetti, a piece of garlic bread and dessert a cup of coconut yogurt with a few splashes of vanilla extract, and sprinkled granola! And a cup of almond milk! She every bit of it too!!

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