True love

Have you ever been so filled up with love and all of a sudden came to realize just how much you love your significant other? I have those moments all the time. My husband and I have been together going on 6 years and have been married for going on 2 years. I never thought that by the age of 23 I would of found my one true love but I did and fell for him the second Inlaid eyes on him. The feeling was not mutual though. I had to work him over a little and finally one day BAM! he said it those three words I had been saying in my head this whole time those three words "I LOVE YOU!" man I was shocked and felt a sense of achievement like finally you feel what I feel. if it wasn't for the fact that I knew what I wanted and didn't wanna give up on it I wouldn't be where I am today right next to the man of my dreams!

So my question to you all is have you found you true love? Do you believe in true love? How did you meet your love?

    Yes I have!!!! And of course I believe in true love! I met David on a chat site haha. We simply happened to come across one another and we talked for three hours that night! He gave me his email and we talked every day. I moved in with him December 2012 and our son was born in September 2013. He also has his daughter, Abby! (My future step daughter!) :D
      I like to think that there is a special someone out there for everyone. Everyone deserves to experience true love at least once in there lives. If you haven't found it yet you will I have faith. I think some people meet there one and only at a very young age while others meet theirs at a much older age. my neighbor didn't meet his wife till they were in there late 40's and they seem to be head over heals for each other. True love is out there for everyone you just gotta go out and search for it sometimes.
      Theres a little "P.S. I LOVE YOU" or "NOTEBOOK" story out there for everyone.
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