My sister is a part of legalizing home birth in Nebraska so I get a lot of information from her-whether I want it or not sometimes lol. I think one of the best things she's learned from midwives and has passed on is to remember that EDD stands for ESTIMATED Due Date-not Expected. Truth is, pregnancies are in the normal range anywhere from 36 weeks to 42, 43 weeks. Because doctors now rely on technology and the last menstrual period to calculate when baby might be coming, it could throw it off by at least two weeks, if not up to four weeks. That's a lot of growing time baby has. So I don't really go by 'late or early' as far as the last month, maybe two goes. Baby knows when it's ready. I put this theory to test with my last pregnancy. My older three had come at 36 and 4, 37 and 5 (but they stripped my membranes because they said he was too big. HA!-but that's a different story), 36 and 2 and 37. My older three I was not tracking, my youngest we had just started doing NFP, my sister got pregnant and it's been a family joke for the last four years and now three babies that one of us can't be pregnant without the other one, so my husband and I decided why not-we wanted more anyway. To make a long story short-I could pinpoint my pregnancy to the week. The midwife office figured it to the last period, which put my EDD two and a half weeks ahead of where I knew I was.
According to the hospital, I was a week over due. I had to BEG the supervising OB to not talk me into induction. At what their dates said was 39 and 5.
Pregnancy is not a medical condition that needs to be treated- it's a natural process and our bodies DO know what they are doing.

Sorry for the book lol.. one of the things I'm passionate about. :)

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    When I used the trackers online, my due date was supposed to be January 4th (according to the date of my last period). After my first sonogram the doc agreed, 1/4/14. After my first ultrasound it was moved to Christmas Eve. It stayed there throughout my entire pregnancy. Charlie came 2 weeks early. I was induced because of some blood pressure issues. So really I'm not sure how long he would have hung around in there. I had no labor symptoms whatsoever in the hospital. I've always been curious though.
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