Baby solid foods.

Ali started eating bread at about 5 1/2 months old. Shortly after that we introduced the yogurt bites, the little puffs, mashed potatoes, pancakes, and home made baby food that has bits of veggies in it. She has recently had cheerios and our babysitter gave her mac n cheese the other day. Ali has 5 teeth now and she has always loved to eat so ‚Äčintroducing solid foods was a natural thing for her. She was ready for solids. She was going through SO MUCH formula and we were broke so we started introducing purees than solids when she was about 5 months old. .

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Yeah. My 7mo old eats and dresses like a big girl. She is wearing 12mo clothes just to have her sleeves and pant legs long enough. I have to put leggings, tights, or thermal underwear under her pants so they don't fall off of her. She is going to be a tall skinny tough girl like her big sister. We are predicting some EPIC battles between our girls.
Both of my girls have to wear clothes that are bigger than some children their ages because they are long limed.
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