One teacher finally figured it out!

This teacher offered her students the chance to get out of their final exam.. in return they had to turn over their cell phones for one week. Day and Night. All but a few gave up their phones for a chance to pass their math class.

I would have killed for this, I stink at math.

But it brings to mind what a huge problem cell phones are becoming. If we do decide to get Charlie a cell phone when he's young, he will not have it at school. As a child I was able to take part in extra curricular activities and still get in touch with my parents (some concept, huh?). No way will my kid be the one playing Candy Crush during History class.

I'm sure there's some red tape here. If a child was failing her class I'm not so sure that he would get a free get out of jail card for giving up his cell phone. But all in all, I LOVE this idea. And what I love more is at the end of the video, one teen girl realizes that maybe she doesn't need her phone as much as she thinks she does.

What do you think about this teachers decision?

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