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Okay, so I know we've brought this up before but I guess I still had a few questions for all of you who have dated/are dating online. When I was a teenager, online dating was a huge thing. I "dated" a couple of nice guys but it obviously never lasted very long because we were young and I'd rather date a guy who's right in front of me than miles away. I did actually meet one guy in person and I was terrified about that at first because my family is entirely against the whole online dating ritual. It scares them, especially my mother because she sits at home watching SVU and Law and Order all day. She swears everyone online is a creep and out to rape/kill you. So naturally, I though the same thing. But he showed up to my house just this average, nerdy guy who was really nice and really funny. We dated for a little while and then that was it. I haven't spoken to him in years.

I guess my questions are: How did/does your family feel about you dating online?
Where did you meet these people online? A dating website? Facebook? Chat rooms? Do people even go to chat rooms anymore lol?
Was it strange telling people you had a boyfriend many miles away?

I'm still really skeptical, despite the success stories. Because the odds are still really low that online relationships last and knowing my luck, I would end up with the creep that wants to kill me, but that's my mom talking lol. It does scare me to an extent because of the horror stories but it also intrigues me.

What were your stories with online dating?

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      When I lived in california I dated a few people that I met online. Just be careful to never let them know where you live and when you leave make sure they leave first. Watch them get in their car and drive away. I would always tell them a time to meet then show up a half hour early so they didn't know what my car looked like, then park in a different parking lot. A mall for coffee or something is a great place to meet the first time because then you can stay there for a while after they leave. You can never be too careful. But I did the same kind of things with people I dated that I met in the "real" world.
      I think online dating is a great way to meet people. If you think about it, if you want someone who is in the same place in life you are and you are not going out all the time to try and meet someone, chances are neither are they. They are probably working, going home and taking care of their responsibilities.
      I know dating someone far away CAN work but it is also not the typical situation for success in a relationship. It makes it so much easier for both of you to not have an honest relationship. I don't think I would do it but know people who have and it has worked.
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