My baby screams during bath time, how to stop?

I have been so lucky with Charlie and baths. He's always loved them from day one. But I know that's an exception, not the rule. I know there are tons of women who struggle with this. I suppose if I had an issue with him hating a bath, I would treat it just like I do with anything else that he hates. If your child has a certain toy or something that distracts her, take it into the bathtub (if you can). If she really loves being held a certain way, get into the tub with her. I know that's what Charlie loves. He always did fine in the infant tub but he giggles and plays much more in the big tub when I'm in there with him. Try to figure out what will distract them or make them feel comforted long enough to get through it.

Does your child hate baths? How do you deal with it?

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    My middle daughter was like that for a while at first. Now she loves bath time. I just tried to get her in and out as fast as I could. It eventually passed the more she got used to being in there.
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