Changing career after baby born

I have been in the accounting field for almost 15 years and I want to change my career for something more exiting, I feel completely boring. The problem is that I already have a Masters' and my husband is telling me that I have too much money and time invested in my career to start as an entry level at this point of my life. I don't know what to do. I need the money but I don't like accounting. Does anybody with a similar issue?

    I can see both the pros and cons of doing this, honestly. I am going back to school myself after years of office work for much the same reason, I was bored. What I would suggest is to come up with a solid plan. Maybe put some money in savings and say "When I get to xx amount then I will go back to school."

    That way you have a cushion and can pursue something you may like better. And with your Master's chances are you will have a lot of the prerequisites for whatever you decide to do.

    What would you like to change to Awilda?
      What is it that you do not like anymore in the accounting field? Is there a specific area you specialize in? I work for public accounting firm in the areas of HR and Marketing and see individuals that decide to change careers at different points in their life/career. Are you a CPA? If I knew more about what you like/don't like, I could provide some recommendations based on what I've seen others do. While you may have to start out entry level, if you have the business experience, you might be able to move up quickly.
        Awilda, I see from your previous post that you work only part-time and do all your work remotely. I am also an accountant, and I might suggest that part of your boredom is based on your work setup. It can be quite isolating to work at home all of the time crunching numbers. Perhaps if you looked into working at your employer's office a couple of times a week and increasing your total hours, then both the financial compensation and the interest level would increase.
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