Do u do this?

now i started to watch a show called extreame couponing. These people use cards and coupons and barely pay anything if to nothing at all. They have stock piles worth 20,000 or more and they only paid a 100 dollars or less. So i decided i want to try to use coupons and store saving cards to knock my billl down. I dont want to be that extreame, but if a bill goes to 100 i would be ok paying 90.
So today i went to cvs pharmacy. Bought my coupon items. And 2 extra deals i found. My bill came to 47 som odd cents. I knoked my bill down to. 43 and some odd cent. Plus next time i go there i bring my recepit amd they willl take 4 dollars off, plus my coupons.
When i go to walmart i will use my discount card, and copons to lower my bill. I will also go to cvs for bath and personal stufff and aldies for canned goods.

    I know that it's possible but up here with so few stores it gets really tough to find places that will even accept coupons. I think it's so great that some people can do this but I've seen some of my friends spend hours a day on it, my time has to be worth something too.

    I do think it's great though.. groceries are crazy expensive and it's nice to see parent's take things into their own hands and save money.
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