How important are your beliefs when making friends?

I'm not necessarily talking about religious affiliation, but just your personal beliefs in general. Do you tend to associate with people who agree with you or do you have an eclectic mix of personalities in your friend group?

I would say I have an eclectic blend for sure. Sometimes we disagree but for the most part we agree to disagree.

    I like having a great mix of different people in my life. Keeps life from being boring.
      A little of both. I think you have to be open minded. Maybe you'll learn a few tricks you never knew would work for you.
        Melissa Middleton
        My beliefs are very important. However, I am very friendly and will befriend anyone. But, if the friendship compromises my beliefs/faith, I cannot allow that. I place God above all. I do have friends who believe different than I do though, but it is easier to be friends with someone who shares the same beliefs as you, otherwise arguments arise quite often.
          I definitely have a mix but I find that those people that share more of the same values as I do I call friends and the rest are more acquaintances.
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