My 14 month old is not eating!!!

Hi mommy's!! I'm getting a little worried, my 14 month old is not eating. He was fully breastfed until he was 1 year old and now he drinks about half a gallon of whole milk a day. I try giving him less milk and more food but he wont eat. He doesn't eat any more than 2 oz of food a day! He's healthy and weights 27 pounds! I need some advice please!!! Thanks in advance!!​

    Amanda Hurley
    It could just be a phase. My daughter is two and a half now, but she only eats when she wants to. Some days, she wolfs everything down off her plate, and others, she won't even touch food. If you get too worried, talk to his pediatrician.
      8Theresa Gould
      Vanessa Hall, how is your little Joey doing now? How are you enjoying the summer? Is Jonathan ready to head to school?
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