How would you feel about your child playing football?

I'm reading a book right now about a rugby team, which of course is scarier than football, but it got me thinking. The chances of severe injury are possible even with all of the padding in the world for these kiddos. How would you feel if your child wanted to play football? Would you be okay with it or would you say no way.

    4Pam Otto
    If my child asked to play football I would be excited. As parents I think no matter what our children do we will be nervous for them. However, I think sports are a great way for kids to be active. Yes football/rugby are rough but anything can happen in any sport.... take baseball (non contact) a flying ball, being thrown or hit, could hit a kid in the head and severly hurt them that way too.
      I am counting on him playing...with as many times as this kid has tackle me an almost knocked me out with that head of his he had better out all that to good use some day! Lol actually I would let him play but not while he is young. I think they start way too early. But if he wants to play when he's in middle school or high school I would let him.
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