I've been given pitocin three times (that I know of) . Once was actually for labor.. Most every birth in the hospital the mom gets it. I would say that 95% of the time it's for doctor's convenience. They don't want to wait around until your body is ready to expel the placenta. So to convenience them we deal with swollen legs and sometimes heart rate problems as the drug leaves our body. I battled the hospital for a month getting pitocin off my charges because a midwife went against my birth plan. To say I don't like pitocin is a severe understatement.

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    That's what I had for all my labors and I swear that's why I had such long labors. My body was being forced into it instead of naturally doing its own thing. Did anybody else get a really weird taste in their mouth from it while they were on it? I noticed that with all of them right away i got this weird waxy taste in my mouth... not that I eat wax or anything... or kind of like the taste of shampoo if its ever gotten in your mouth when your washing it out. And my contractions were sooo intense on it that I don't think I could have handled it without an epidural.
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