Tips by teenage single parents for teenage single parents

I was single, I have been with her father for over 3 years, we have broken up and I had to do it on my own. To be honest, I always have had her every hour of every day so sometimes I feel like I am alone. This is a big decision. It is a person. A tiny, delicate, fragile, person. You don't have that freedom to go out and do what you please. You have someone that you wait on hand and foot. Whether you decide to do it alone or not, you are the main provider. As a mother, you feed, nurture, teach, tend, heal, comfort, everything. You are everything to that one tiny person. You won't get a lot of sleep, or have a lot of free time. You will have a lot of love though. It is tough, you need to have a balance of sleep, time for your self to relax and unwind, and time for family to help. You should have family to help, as most families do. You have to know how often and how much to feed the baby whether breast or bottle. Weigh your options before you decide to have a baby.

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