I was thinking,about getting a kitten and I'm about 6 months pregnant. Good idea with a newborn on theway?

    4Ariel LaCoste
    no!!! Cats fecal matter can carry a deadly illness to pregnant women. We actually got rid of our family cats when I got pregnant because of this…
      4Santana Ferrell
      we have 8. It is fine as long as you are not the one dealing with the litter box.
        My fiance adopted a Rottweiler from the spca as a surprise when I was about 5 or 6 months pregnant with our first child. I wish it had been a kitten lol but she was a sweet dog and great with the baby. I might wait a few months after you have the baby before getting a kitten or any animal for that matter. Its like taking on another kid in a sense.
          I wouldn't recommend it u won't have time for the cat ....I used to have 5 dogs and I had to give them all away I didn't have time or the extra Money to spend on time was spent on taking care of my little one. U should wait til ur child is a bit older yo appreciate a pet
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