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I just want to brag about my lastest achievement! My dryer broke. I called several service places and all wanted $75 just to look at it. Once they find the problem its $75 plus parts and labor. Sooo it wasn't in our budget to have this happen right now. After two trips to Lowes and a few youtube videos I fixed my dryer all by myself. My husband didnt think I could ( he's that guy that pays the young kids at the store to put the diy furniture projects together). Im feeling pretty good doing the momma happy dance :).

5Heidi UrschelDelmar, New York
5Heidi Urschel
A brokenpeice of pencil had jammed the fan and locked the motor. YouTube is freaking great!
5Heidi Urschel
Lol!!! I didnt so I took the whole darn thing apart! It was literally in pieces all over my basement. Pretty comical stuff. They teenagers in my house brought friends down to the basement to show off my YouTube skills lol. It was a broke piece of pencil stuck in the fan.
    5Heidi Urschel
    It was so funny he had actually just justto the laundromat to dry his clothes. He was like "man I chould have saved those quaters". Lol he was actually in disbelief until I made him witness a demo which warranted a big hug and smiles and giggles all the way back up the stairs. After he saw I was does gloating he said, " maybe you should watch youtube videos on changing the car's oil and brake pads. That will surely save a chunk of change." I just busted out laughing and said no sir!
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