Evening Naps!

Mamas.. do you recall letting your little one, we are talking a few months old, like Monroe.. take snoozes in the evening, even before bedtime? Seems like the little man has gotten in a cycle of taking an evening snooze about an 1 to 2 hours before he hits the hay for good.. it honestly doesn't seem to disrupt him going to sleep.. you see he doesn't solidly snooze or nap for a long time during the day.. he takes little 10-20 minute cat naps usually.. he's a quirky little man already! hehe

    sigmund's bedtime is around 9 in the evening though he takes 20 to 30 minutes nap around 7 pm and there has never been a problem with it
      Melissa Middleton
      Oh, you have got to love those power naps...not. I try not to let him fall sleep to close to bedtime because then he will be up. He fought sleep last night, which rarely happens at bedtime.
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