So here's some funny converstations

Today I took my 18mth daughter outside while dinner was cooking and my fiance was doing yard work. My daughter saw a pile of dirt on the ground and goes "Daddy did you do this?" "You made a mess." "This is messy Dad."

Yesterday I went to give my kids a bath and my 3yr old had a small bruise on her back so I said "What happened to your back baby?" She proceeded to tell me "Daddy bit me." "That's bad Daddy." "Its not nice to bite." I knew that it didn't come from my fiance and I later remembered that she had slipped in the kitchen and fell into one of the cabinets on the same side she had a bruise. The funny part of it all is that my fiance had given me a hickey (which I hate) the night before and when my daughter seen it she asked how I got it and I said "Daddy bit me. Tell him its not nice to bite."

Poor Daddy's getting a bad wrap around here. lol

amandaMorrisville, Pennsylvania
    Haha yeah! The things my kids say and do. I wish I had a camera rolling 24/7. They make me laugh like no one else.
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