feeling guilty

ok so i had my wisdom tooth pulled yesterday and my sister came over to help me with the girls and sense i was right there i felt real bad not taking care of my own kids. my other sister is always saying to just let her know when i need a break cause she would love to have the girls over and man do i need a break sometimes but i feel like the worst mom ever by asking her to take my kids cause i need time away from them. i mean i dont have like separation anxiety when they do go away im fine but the whole asking someone to take them makes me feel horrible.

anyone else ever feel that way?

    I have three kids and my cousin and my friend are always saying the same thing to call them if I need help. I feel bad because I know that my kids are a lot for me sometimes and these ladies have kids of their own also. Don't take for granted that you have a kick ass support system right there.
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