secret candy stash...

ok so my daughter is like a hound dog she can smell sweets from a mile away it seams like. lol. so ive had to start hiding the snacks i really want for myself i either hide it in the highest furthest back part of the fridge or in my dresser just so i can have some to myself. it sounds so bad but honestly if i dont hide my candy i dont end up getting any at all. any of you have a stash spot for your treats and if so where at..
me and my sister were talking about it she hides hers in with her veggies. lol

lol my husband does too thats why i usually buy two of any treats hes just not as smart about hiding his as i am he tends to eat his in front of our little one and then ends up having to share with her lol and when i bake cookies i hide them from him and only give him a few at a time cause if i dont all my hard work will be all gone within like 5 min
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