What is your work status?

Just curious what everyone is doing. We are all great and doing our best as moms!

Stay at home.
Work at home.
Work out of the home.
Looking for work.

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      Not sure these definitions are mutually exclusive and work for me. For example, both Brande and Linda above said they are both stay at home and work at home. I will admit I get a wee bit irritated at and tired of all the labels. So, I (a) stay at home b/c I'm often home with my kids (on evenings, weekends, during important events during the weekdays, when they are sick etc); (b) work at home b/c my job has pretty good flexibility so I work from home almost every Friday and am also at home today b/c I have a cold; (c) work out of the home b/c I have a lovely downtown office where I get to wear heels and go to the bathroom without anybody following me; and (d) always looking for interesting and challenging assignments even though I already have plenty to keep me busy.
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