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My step daughter breanika has been by herself with me and her dad since she was 3 months old. In January Bentley was born, and in the following months we ended up with the two oldest kids too. Its been quite the year for a 3 year old who has issues at her moms as it is. So we were thinking about in the spring going on a small trip just for the weekend with just me, Breanika, and my husband. Were going to splash lagoon.Does anyone else do special things for individual time with they're kids?​

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
    Amanda Hurley
    Every week, I try and take a different child out shopping with me. While we are out, we usually get to pick up some fast food. It doesn't always work, especially with the hours that hubby works, but we do try. My husband takes one of the children with him when he goes to the party store across the street too.
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