So stressed! I could cry.

We are entering a foreclosure very soon. I have no idea what to expect(except that we will eventually lose our home). We have NO money to even begin to get caught up, pay lawyer, court costs, etc. My husband works so many hours and we cannot seem to get ahead. I babysit 3 days a week that basically amounts to our kids lunch money and gas to fill up our truck. Any advice/help/encouragement?

TremaHamilton, Ohio
    I am so sorry you are going though this. Do you know anyone a lawyer or someone in the banking business that could help explain the full details of the foreclosure to you so that you will know what to expect? I hate that feeling of not being able to get ahead but you should try and stay positive and keep pushing through. If you need some assistance with food and things like that I would check into your local family services office and see if you qualify for any government assistance. I hope that you guys can get back on your feet soon. Hang in there!
      Thank you all. We know we have a court date next month. We are honestly just jumping from panic to total denial. In between this crazy thing called "raising 3 daughters". LOL We've laughed, cried, called, begged, prayed... We are in the processing of trying to qualify for a loan modification? to help us try to either save or sell our house to avoid foreclosing. All our county/state programs say we exceed the low income level (to poor to be rich, to rich to be poor) typical stuff. I'm not giving up, just need to vent and refocus.
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