mommy resume?

I have been a SAHM for the better part of 16 years. I have done things like Girl Scout leader, soccer/softball mom, helped in the nursery/preschool at church, etc. But I have only ever had 1 legitimate "job" other than babysitting in my home. I have my GED but no other formal schooling or training. What do I put in my resume? How do I even begin?

TremaHamilton, Ohio
    Amanda Hurley
    I had someone once tell me that you could put "mommy" duties that relate to the job you are applying for on a resume. As a mom, we are bank tellers, secretaries, chaufers, cooks. The list goes on and on.
      The other day there was a post about SAHM's being the best employees because of everything we're good at. Like time management, conflict resolution, the way we deal with difficult people, we're the best self starters, etc.

      Mommies are more qualified than we think! I think if you're updating your resume, adding things like that is not only truth, but lends a bit of humor that some employers may find creative!
        I guess I should include that I am trying to NOT be the designated babysitter. LOL. I would love to find a job that is 100% at home. Preferably not telemarketing considering I never use the phone due to kids, dog, etc. There is always too much noise.
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