Acid Reflux in Pregnancy

Has anyone had it? What did it feel like to you? How did you treat it?

I am 28 weeks now and when I lay down, or in the night, I will get this stuck feeling in my lower esophagus and it hurts my back which get annoying. Almost like throw up that doesn't wanna come up, I guess (sorry if it sounds gross). I'm not sure if it's acid reflux but it is all I could think of. It isn't heartburn, I don't think...

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    I had acid reflux bad with my first pregnancy. If I laid down to sleep I would wake up an hour later drowning in stomach acid and spend 15 minutes or so coughing and gaging trying to be able to breathe and get the stomach acid out of my lungs. I slept in my recliner the entire third trimester.
      Amanda Hurley
      I try and drink a glass of milk right before bed. It seems to help me not wake up feeling like I am going to puke.
        I had heartburn and acid reflux so bad with both my pregnancy's. Drink lots of milk and tums. And ask your doctor about it because mine prescribed me some kind of medicine that was ok to take while your pregnant. The old saying is " heart burn means your baby will be born with lots of hair". But not always try because I thought I was going to die from heartburn I was so miserable and my daughters had no hair lol.
          I had to quit eating tomatoes and tomato products to get rid of it.
          I couldn't have done that Bentley had me absolutely addicted to tomatos!!
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