I feel like crap. I had completely forgotten to check if cantaloupe has beta-carotene in it.. Apparently it does. My two year has a sensitivity to it. She can't eat sweet potatoes, carrots and now cantaloupe. Poor thing has been sick for two days with diarrhea and a boil outbreak. :(
Grace also has seasonal allergies. Everything is blooming right now so it's hard to narrow down to what exactly. My plans for the back yard have been stopped again because Grace can barely be outside for 20 minutes. :(

    Grace is just going with the flow. She has a hard time if we stay outside for too long because she gets congested. But it doesn't bother her too much. Eva is now mad at me cuz I said no more cantaloupe smoothies..i think she's eaten a whole cantaloupe by herself in the last two days.
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