How much Do your Children Help with Dinner?

My kids want to help. A lot.. Which is great, but there are some nights where I'm tired and I just want to get it all done.. and my patience is low to let them cut carrots and add things to our dinner and then the clean-up is always doubly as massive... I also try to get one of them to do the dishes, etc... but again, this can drive me to a brink... And I'm usually pretty good and calm and know that it's important, but sometimes.. I just want them to go away from the kitchen... and then I feel badly... like they'll never know how to cook for themselves..

So, I've set two nights aside .. one cooks with me and the other cleans and then we swap...

My kids are 6 and 9.. Besides setting and clearing the table, how involved are your kids in the preparation?​

    Amanda Hurley
    My 6 year old helps out with almost every meal. She loves to stir and measure. She is very responsible in the kitchen. The only thing she don't get to do is cut. Other than that, she has used the food processor, measured ingredients, her favorite is to crack and beat eggs. My younger two are too little yet.
      4Ronna Jones
      My 11 yr old cooks meals sometimes with a little supervision.
        4Ronna Jones
        Eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches
        4Ronna Jones
        Oh yeah I forgot he cooks Ramen too!
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