Home-made Board Game Craft Idea! WINNER!

My kids were restless and were bored of our board games, so I taped four pieces of paper together and told them to make one...

THEY DID!!! And I'll be... they turned out pretty well... They had squares and cards and slides and rainbows and volcanic conditions to wipe you back to start...

It was the best craft they've ever done and they were so proud...

For those of you that know me now.. I'm NOT the crafty mom... every now and then I get a zinger and this one... Whoo hoo... we will do AGAIN.. TWO hours they were busy!!! And HAPPY! and being creative...

Win, win...

Now, for my wine...​

Home-made Board Game Craft Idea! WINNER!
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    Amanda Hurley
    That is awesome. Cute idea.
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