This story gave me chills!…

I saw this story on facebook and it literally gave me chills. Iria Wolnick in San Jose was honored for her heroic actions to save a baby after a car crash. She isn't a doctor, nurse, or EMT but when she was driving home from her own mother's funeral she saw a mangled SUV on the side of the road and immediate got out to help. The whole family (Father, Pregnant Mother, and 2 year old) had been thrown from the vehicle and had serious injuries.

The mother was barely conscious, asking over and over again "is my baby ok?" When Wolnick got close she heard a baby crying and saw that the mother had a large laceration over her stomach and the baby's head was actually sticking out. Wolnick delivered the baby using only her own instincts as a mother of four and some basic first aid training. Thanks to her the baby survived and is healthy along with her father and older sister. Unfortunately the mother did not survive.

I couldn't imagine what that would have been like. Not only did she stop and help when no one else was around she stayed calm and saved that baby's life. It is so unbelievably sad that the mother passed away but I know she'd feel grateful that someone was their to save her daughter.

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      This story made me tear up. That's so amazing but tragic at the same time.
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