We don't have any safety latches

We were all ready to get and install a bunch of latches on our cabinets/drawers/etc. but then I realized there were only a few cabinets that had dangerous stuff in them. They were all in our kitchen or bathroom. We gated off our kitchen anyway because I don't want her messing around in there. Plus it gives us a place to put our cat's food and she can't get to it. Other then that we just keep our bathroom doors closed. I like that she can get into the other cabinets and drawers. It gives her something to explore.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Our townhouse had child latches already installed, but I still blocked off the kitchen when I was working in there once she was on the move we blocked off the kitchen while I was cooking so she wouldn't be under foot. I still put all my chemical stuff at the time up on the top shelves of our linen closet or our laundry room, just in case.
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