Pink spotting in pregnancy

Many women experience pink spotting during pregnancy. Pink spotting means there is a little bit of blood mixed in your vaginal discharge. Pink spotting should always be mentioned to your doctor but it is not an emergency. There are many causes of spotting during pregnancy such as implantation bleeding, infection, cervical irritation, etc. If you are having spotting watch for any other symptoms and let your doctor know if you have any concerns.

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    I had pink spotting before both miscarriages and I had to see my doctor right away because I'm RH negative. I had to get a shot in the case of any bleeding because the baby could be RH positive and it would cause my body to produce antibodies that could produce complications in future pregnancies.

    If you have a negative blood type and the baby's father has positive (or you don't know) then you need to contact your doctor immediately if you have ANY bleeding.
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