Taking Antibiotics During Pregnancy: Are They Safe?

The benefits outweigh the possible risks.

It is never safe to self medicate. If your doctor knows you are pregnant and she prescribed antibiotics then the antibiotics are considered safe.

Medication is rated into different categories for how safe it is during pregnancy. Different antibiotics also treat different kinds of infections. Your doctor will look at the potential risks of any medication before prescribing it to you. If you have any concerns please let your doctor know.

Many infections can be dangerous for you or your baby if left untreated. If your doctor prescribed a medication it is important to take it in full exactly as prescribed. If you are concerned about the safety you need to talk to your doctor. Some infections such as untreated vaginal infections increase your risk of miscarriage so treatment is key.

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    I had to do it when I had an abscess that ruptured so I wouldn't get an infection in the wound.
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