First Birthday Gift Ideas

So we're getting close to the big party and I'm trying to remember all the little details. My grandmother called today asking for ideas of what to get Avery for her birthday. I suddenly realized that I had no idea! I mean, clothes are fine and I just told her to get us anything we could use at the beach/outdoors. Other then that I'm stumped! We're getting her a water table I think...

What are some other ideas for 1st birthday gifts?

    I completely forget what we even got for my oldest daughters first bday. And we let our younger daughter pick out her presents for her first bday because we were at a loss for what to get her that we didn't already have. lol
      A gift for the first birthday that can be useful for awhile is a table and chair set for her room so we can have tea party's with her stuffed animals.
        When people asked us we asked for the next stage things like big boy dishes for him, big boy sippy cups, bigger blankets since he was outgrowing the baby ones and it was January, books...lots of books.
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