Pregnancy after miscarriage: brown spotting, happening again?

The first thing you need to do is stay calm, spotting does not have to mean you are having a miscarriage.

Brown spotting means that it is old blood, fresh blood will be red or pink. Brown spotting can be caused my implantation, cervical irritation and other minor issues. Any form of spotting should be reported to your doctor, especially if you have suffered a previous loss.

Try to remind yourself that brown means it is older blood and not fresh. Call your doctor right away if it turns red, just to check you out and be sure everything is ok.

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    This happened to me with both of my daughters after I had miscarried. I started spotting at about six weeks which is the same time I had both of my miscarriages so I was obviously scared. My doctor put me on a medicine that aids in preventing miscarriages and all was well but I was still paranoid through all my pregnancies that one day I would wake up and have to relive it all over again.
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