No discharge during pregnancy: what is normal

Normal! There is such a large range of what is considered normal during pregnancy. No discharge is not a cause for concern. Some women will have none and some will have a lot and everything in between.

When it comes to discharge you should alert your doctor if you have any signs on infection such as foul odor, itching or pain.

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    I had a lot of what I am assuming was amniotic fluid leaking. It was clear like water and didn't have any smell it usually happened when I felt the most bloated and I assumed it was just my body trying to take some pressure off the baby. I never got an answer as to what it was but my doctor told me it was normal to leak fluids during pregnancy as long as it wasn't an excessive amount at one time or had a strong odor.
    Probably not amniotic fluid leaking. If amniotic fluid is leaking that is not a good thing, it open the baby up to a serious infection. During pregnancy the amniotic sac keeps the baby in a sterile environment.

    Large amounts of very watery discharge are common during pregnancy and many women confuse it with leaking fluid. The hormone changes cause this. It is also the vagina's natural way to stay clean and flush out bacteria.
    Makes sense. My doctor told me it was normal but never quite cleared up what it was.
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