Other people correcting your kids

A lot of moms are very uncomfortable with this and sometimes even get angry at this. What are your views.

I think to an extent it is acceptable depending on the situation or the person. If your child does something wrong and you don't step up to tell them its wrong or for instance when me and my friend get our kids together if one of my kids does something they're not supposed to or gets rough with her son she calmly and nicely tells them that they should not be doing that and vice versa. We both take care when talking to each others kids like that and are as sweet as we can be about it but at the same time we also step up and correct our own kids when they do something wrong. Obviously people like my parents and brother or his dad and sister I don't mind either since I know they have the best intentions. How ever people like my aunt who would never correct her kids when they were wrong or even violent, would get furious if someone else tried to correct them including family members.

amandaMorrisville, Pennsylvania
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    That is how me and my friend are and we look out for each others kids safety as well as our own. Its great when you can have that kind of connection with some one. But I agree I would kind of be a little weird about a stranger correcting them.
      8Theresa Gould
      It would depend on the situation and person, I guess. I don't mind people telling me when mine are doing something wrong, but I don't want a stranger dealing with my children.
        Me and my friend are the same way. She is allowed to help disipline mine when she is around, even on the phone.If she hears my youngest one acting up she will sask to speak to hear and will have a little talk with her. My youngest daughter seems to listen to her so I don't mind at all....But another situation is we have this boy at our bus stop that acts up every morning! We moms at the bus stop are getting tired of it and the mom never comes out to the bus stop with him or his brother. And he is too young for her not to be coming out and she knows how he acts up and stil chooses not to go out there to control her kid, so we have to get on him a lot about how he acts and tell him to calm down. I'm afraid he's gonna run in the road one day and we don't want him to get hurt so we have to get on him all the time..And we don't feel bad about this
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