Does baby hair colour change?

Yes. My dark haired (almost black hair) babies changed to light, then to dark brown. My blonde babies stayed blonde through their toddler years and quite often pre-school years, then it turned brown. Our youngest daughter was born with dark hair, it turned blonde before a year old and it just started turning brown last fall. It's more like a dirty blonde right now and is already getting streaks of platinum blonde from being out in the sun. Her eye brows are very dark brown so I wonder if her hair will be her daddy's color eventually.

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    My daughters hair changes constantly. Some times its blonde sometimes its red. And my other daughter has blonde hair that got lighter then darker since she was born.
      Most definitely! My oldest daughter Marron was born with black hair and now she is 4 and has dirty blonde hair like me ;) Havyn also was born with black hair and now she is a brunette with blonde and red highlights lol! Nahara, well she still has dark hair, she's only 2 months old lol
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