Vasectomy vs tubes tied

A vasectomy is a form of permanent birth control for men. A vasectomy is an outpatient procedure with minimal risks and is considered a very safe and effective for of birth control. During a vasectomy a small incision is made into the scrotum. The doctor will find the vas deferens (the tubes connecting the testicle to the urethra). The doctor will cut the vas deferens and cauterize them. Only local anesthesia is needed for this procedure and often stitches are not even needed. Recovery involved supportive underwear, ice and tylenol.

Don't forget that a vasectomy is not an instant form of birth control. Multiple semen samples need to be collected an analyzed over a period of time to ensure that all the sperm have cleared through the remaining vas deferens and urethra. Unprotected sex before the semen has been cleared can result in a pregnancy.

Getting your tubes tied, also know as a tubal ligation is a form of permanent birth control for women. It is considered a major surgery and comes with some serious risks. During an operation under general anesthesia the fallopian tubes are cut and cauterized. Recovery usually consists of rest, pain medications and lasts about 6 weeks.

Both of these forms of birth control can fail but it is very rare. Both of these forms might be reversible but it is not always possible. Neither of these forms of birth control should be used unless you are 100% you do not want any more children.

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