Has anyone else had this problem?

I never breast fed with my oldest so when I found out I was pregnant with my second I wanted to switch things up and try it. I know its better for babies and a natural bonding experience. Unfortunately after I gave birth I found out that even though my breast were swollen and leaking milk I wasn't actually producing enough milk in one side and wasn't producing milk at all in the other. I was so upset and distraught at first because it was something I had really set my mind on doing and I thought what kind of mom can't feed her own baby. Then I started talking to other moms I knew and it turns out its a more common problem among women than I thought it was.

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    That is the same thing that happened to me. Except they just started supplementing with formula right away so she wouldn't get dehydrated. But I also tried pumping and wasn't getting enough milk. I would literally pump for two hours and get an ounce or so from one side and a drop or two from the other. My doctor said I wasn't producing enough milk.
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      With my first two I thought I was struggling with my milk supply so I did things different from my third on and what seemed to help was sleeping with my baby, napping with them and wearing them. For some reason that worked for me.
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