Can we talk birth control?

I have severe hormone imbalances that made it extremely difficult to conceive my son. It took 5 years, a doctor, and 2 medications to finally get a baby. I still had problems after birth that made it impossible for my body to produce milk. I was still feeding him mostly colostrum at 6 week's old and supplementing most of his feeding. (I only got up to producing about an ounce per day.)

I thought I would continue to have problems, and never put much effort into researching birth control. It was a big surprise to find out we are expecting another baby so soon. Now I know we need to take precautions after this one, because we are nowhere near ready for a third.

What kind of birth control do you use? Do you like it? Why or why not?

    8Theresa Gould
    We've only ever used a condom and we won't go back. We don't use anything but avoidance right now. We are very careful during my fertile days but I am very regular.
    Honestly, I would go to a good gyno and ask them what your options are as far as hormone-free or low-hormone birth control. The only problem with birth control that uses other things instead of hormones is that it can mess with your body a lot. Like Yaz did. It used potassium as it's main form of birth control but it messes with your potassium levels, obviously, and can make you really sick. So I would make sure you go over the risks vs. benefits with each form of birth control and the gyno will help you pick out which one will work best. Until then, I would do what Theresa suggested, avoid sex during fertile days if you're familiar with your cycle. It can be hard, but it's better than getting pregnant when you aren't ready lol. I was always good about using condoms or just not having sex during my ovulation, but once I was married I stopped caring and the very next month got pregnant lol!
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