'Mental Health' Days

​I'm sure you've all heard of it and a lot of you have done it.

Sometimes when life is all going crazy and you have 77 projects, a screaming baby, and whatever else that has you in over your head... You just need a break. Maybe it's you, maybe it's your kid.

I know when I was in school those 'mental health' days where I stayed home even though I wasn't physically sick was the reason I had good grades and continued with it. The mind is a precious thing to waste. I have not been so easy on myself in adulthood.

I've been stressy lately and I'm the type of person who will run myself in the dirt because 'things have to get done' and 'who else will do it, if I don't?'

The simple answer, no one. But that's OKAY. It can wait. Because instead of spending 10 hours at the computer, half-asleep and disgruntled... A day off can make it so that I can go back and get that same work done in 2 hours instead.

Entrepreneur magazine recently released an article about the benefits of this as well as I think Psychology Today.

For me, I think some part of me needed 'permission' to take a day off. Like.. I wasn't fulfilling my duties as a human being if I wasn't wearing myself thin trying to make a difference to the world. After probably 3 years of trying to convince me, hubs finally got me to take a break. It was hard and wonderful simultaneously. And it helps.

So, not to come across as conceited or weird or anything, but if any of you out there need a break... HAVE PERMISSION TO TAKE A BREAK. Not just from me, but from yourself.

Your brain will thank you.

Do you guys have to take mental health days? What do you do? Do you give them to your kids when they need them? Why or why not?

That sounds like you guys have all sorts of outdoor fun adventures! I haven't been fishing in ages.
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    8Theresa Gould
    Ditto here too.
    Sounds good!! I tend to spend ALL my time plugged in. Maybe this is something I should consider, next time I take a day.
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