Spider Man 2!

So, David and I are at his moms house and we got to take a break from Lucas! She watched him while we went out to see Spider Man (my favorite hero.) It was so nice to get out!!! I love my little guy, but he drives mama crazy sometimes!!!!! It was so nice for us to get a good break. We really needed it lol. :)

And can I just say, Spider Man was amazing!!!!!! Gahhh I love that guy! SO great! Has anyone else seen it? :D

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      amazing spiderman 1( that's when I knew andrew garfield) was my first movie date with my boyfriend Edward so when I heard about Amazing spiderman 2 I wanted to watch it with him but time didn't allow so so so i hate it.. i mean so sad.. I think Im just going to download it online. :)
        4Maren West
        I am a huge comic book nerd! My husband and I took the kids to see Amazing Spider Man 2 and I loved it! I love Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone they were both terrific. I can't wait for X-Men Days Of Future Past! :)
          Melissa Middleton
          I've seen them all. We are major comic book fans in this house (as well as sci-fi).
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