Stay at Home Mom Conspiracy

Oy.. is this true, or is this true! The article chats about a conspiracy.. why stay at home Moms don't let the truth flow that.. HELLO IT'S HARD! It's from the view point of a Mom who used to have a great career and always thought her friends were dramatic when they would say how tired they were being a stay at home Mom.. except now, now she gets it, because she one :) I think I most related to the make up and getting ready sequence.. it's so true in my life currently.. it is hard. I am very sleep deprived some days and when I run to Target I pray I don't see anyone I know.. and it's also true that I did roll my eyes a time or two when girls who were Moms before me said how tired they were and seemed dramatic.. take a hint Meg.. IT IS HARD :)

Tell me what you think Mamas! Are stay to home Moms mushing over how hard it is? Putting their best foot forward? I will say it IS the best thing ever.. but it is hard.…

    I definitely agree that it's hard! It's so exhausting and difficult Our boss can't tell us what he freaking wants!!! AArrgggg! I feel some moms do complain too much though (hello, you chose this, relax about it.) Stuff goes wrong, your baby will cry; try to relax. I complain, but not too much. I chose this so I have to deal. :)
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