Alright experienced mommys to crib or not to crib that is the question....

Little man has been climbing out of his crib, and into my bed increasingly often lately. Right now it doesn't bother me so much because he is in the same room as me if he falls I'm right there. But in the new house he will have his own room is it ok for him to be climbing out of his crib, I'm worried he will fall and get hurt. He gets in and out of my bed without a problem should he have a toddler bed or is the crib still safe??​

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
    When they start climbing out of their crib is when it's time to get a toddler bed. I put up their toddler bed and put a baby gate in their doorway. Because that's the last thing you want is them getting in the habit of coming to your bed. My girls have always since birth slept in their own beds so now when they are sick or something I'll try to put them in bed with us and they just want to be in theirs. My nephew(5) on the other hand always slept with his parents until things went down hill for them and now he thinks its still ok to try and get in adults beds. But them falling out of a crib is a lot more dangerous than rolling out of a toddler bed.
    Thank you Tessa!
      on the plus side that means I get to go shopping for new big boy bed gear.
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        The problem is Bentley's only 9 months old and hes soooo physically advanced, but not old enough to understand the word no yet really. So its not like I can tell him no Bentley we don't get out of bed at night and have him understand what I mean, he'd probably just look at me like I'm dumb. And we have an older style crib so we cant put the mattress on the floor there would be to big of a gap and he would just crawl under it lol. thanks for the thought though.
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