I talk about working on these rentals a lot. This month has been... trying. My kidneys, my wisdom tooth, taking one well needed night off, family visiting.. it's all added up to losing an entire week of work on the rental. I know it doesn't sound like much but I was hoping it would be ready to go by May 1st. I was being a bit over zealous in that estimate... This weekend we'll be out of town at the other rentals so there goes more time. I doubt we'll be done by June 1st.

Tonight we were super pumped to get over there. He got home from work, mowed the yards, we ate a quick dinner and headed out. As soon as we got to grammas house to drop off Charlie, he was called into work. It's not a trouble call that will last long enough to let him sleep in tomorrow. He amazes me.

I'm just worn out. I'm beat. To see any profit, all 3 of these rentals need renters. It's May in Montana... I should be gardening.. I should be out on the water.. I should be camping.

Sorry friends.. just one of those nights.

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